How to Save an Ocean
How to Save an Ocean

Episode · 8 months ago

Letter From A Future Scientist | A Conversation With Dan Laffoley


Since the format of our new podcast is conversational, our guests often share personal stories and unique insights about their professional experiences as well as their personal lives and the sources of their passion. In this conversation with Dan Laffoley, we are given a window into his childhood inspirations. Did you know that Dan wrote a letter to David Attenborough? Well, he did, and much to his surprise, he got a reply. Decades later, Dan is one of the leading global experts on ocean conservation. He has initiated, developed, collaborated, and consulted on a laundry list of projects that include Google Ocean, Blue Carbon, amplifying the importance of the High Seas, and the first Marine World Heritage App. He’s also played an essential role in, in his position as WCPA Marie Chair, to support Big Ocean’s bid to develop and co-publish with IUCN, Large-Scale Marine Protected Areas: Guidelines for design and management. Dan has also authored and co-authored numerous publications, and has been an advisor for countless boards, initiatives, and even a Netflix film! We think you save an ocean by… being Dan Laffoley.

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